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Schmutzler-Vick Funeral Home and Cremation Service has been assisting families with funeral planning and pre-planning for many years. We have found that it is especially difficult for families to plan a funeral when a death is sudden and their loved one’s funeral preferences have never discussed. The best gift you can give your family is pre-planning your funeral services and it is especially thoughtful to ask for their input before you pre-plan. Sharing your plan is beneficial to everyone involved.

We are happy to assist with your funeral pre-plan without cost or obligation. We will quote you the costs that would apply today, including the other costs involved in a funeral (ie: cemetery/crematory costs, newspaper obituaries, flowers, honorariums, luncheons, etc). We will also explain how funding a pre-arranged service can be accomplished with a Insurance Preneed Funeral Contract. This funding program can be set up as irrevocable, and is suitable for asset sheltering when considering SSI, Medical Assistance eligibility, or when entering a nursing home.


Price Guarantee

Price guaranteeing in regards to funeral costs is a business decision that each funeral home decides to offer or not.  At our firm, families do have the ability to lock in funeral home costs.  We feel every family should have the financial incentive  as well as the peace of mind to that option.  When a family pre-pays their funeral services, we will give you the option to lock in or decline to lock in the funeral home services, goods and merchandise. These are usually the majority of the funeral costs.  We will also give you the opportunity to pay for outside funeral expenses, called cash advance items.  These are third party expenses such as cremation permits, flowers, death certificates and obituaries.  However, these cash advance items are the only items we cannot guarantee, as we cannot control those costs.


Is Pre-funding your funeral a good investment?

Yes.  When you have the ability to pre-fund and lock in costs that over time you know will increase, we give you the opportunity to help your family save money in a 100% trusted environment. Those funds that are pre-funded in an interest bearing account to help offset future increases.  Currently we can offer rates as high as 2% for certain age groups. In Wisconsin, 100% of all deposited funds have to go towards the funeral services when someone passes.  We do not take a fee, all funds and interest always stay with the policy.  The policies that we write are specifically designed for funeral services and are trusted with large insurance companies with millions/billions in assests for safe guarding.

In Person

We would be honored to visit with you. Please call us at 920-261-3439 to make arrangements with Jarod Williams, our Advanced Planning Counselor and Funeral Director.  


The online pre-planning form was designed to allow us to gather basic information about you and your desired funeral service. If you would like to plan your service in its entirety, please use the link below to pre-plan online.